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The Duke's Regret

Kullman, Catherine


A Duke can demand anything—except his wife’s love.

A chance meeting with a bereaved father makes Jeffrey, Duke of Gracechurch realise how hollow his own marriage and family life are. Persuaded to marry at a young age, he and his Duchess, Flora, live largely separate lives. Now he is determined to make amends to his wife and children and forge new relationships with them.

Flora does not know how to respond to her husband’s avowed change of heart. Her thoughts already turn to the future, when the children will have gone their own ways. Divorce would be out of the question, she knows, as she would be ruined socially, but no eyebrows would be raised at a discreet separation and, perhaps, even a new love.

Can Jeffrey break down the barriers between them and convince his wife of his sincerity? Flora must decide if she will hazard her heart and her hard won peace of mind for a prize of undreamt of happiness.

What they say of Catherine Kullmann’s books: “So well-written and researched, but also thoroughly enjoyable” “Enjoyable Regency romance with an added touch of spice” "Deeply satisfying romance with a well-researched historical setting"

The Duke’s Regret is Book Three of The Duchess of Gracechurch Trilogy and contains spoilers for Book One The Murmur of Masks and Book Two Perception & Illusion.

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