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The House of the Red Duke: Book Two, Beware the Lizard Lurking

Brereton, Vivianne


Uninvited guests at a secret wedding.
A frozen River Thames.
May Day celebrations to remember.
Henry VIII is hellbent on a so-called holy war with France, against the advice of Thomas Howard. Putting him at odds with his Scottish brother-in-law, James IV of Scotland.
Across the Narrow Sea, Louis XII of France is trying to renew the ‘Auld Alliance’ with Scotland.
Tristan and Nicolas remain at loggerheads over pretty Ysabeau.
Valentine is still making mischief as she sees fit.
Cecily is contented in her beloved Zennor Castle in Cornwall.
None of them know what Dame Fortune has in store for them. Will she allow them to follow their own paths...or does she have other ideas?

Amazon 5*: “One of the best descriptions I have ever read of the Tudor era and its principal players.”

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