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The Jagged Mountains - Jack's Tale

Bennett, Paul


Jack Mallory is on a quest to learn more about the father he barely knew, Liam Mallory. Along with his Mohawk companion, Hosagowwa, he travels to the farthest reaches of the northern Rocky Mountains experiencing life with the many indigenous tribes. His tale is one of discovery and danger; wondrous beauty and extreme weather, love, and loss.

I purchased this book the first day it was available and finished it 2 days later. It is a wonderful book that is very hard to put down and I hated for it to end. Looking forward to the next book! Janet English Donaldson

"Haunting, immersive, and brilliant. Paul Bennett has made this genre his own. The prose is enviably marvelous." Gordon Doherty – author of Empires of Bronze & Legionary

“In my opinion, best one of the series so far!” Stony Creek Reviews

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