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The Mystery of the Missing Heiress: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Everly, Riana


It is the summer of 1811 and Fitzwilliam Darcy is consumed with worry. His sister and her new companion were expected at Pemberley three weeks ago, but they seem to have vanished into the air. Is Georgiana safe? Is she even still alive? And is Mrs. Younge a victim in some nefarious plan or is she behind the disappearance?
Darcy's friend Ecclesford tells him of a smart young investigator who might be able to help... and at the same time he might help Ecclesford with a romantic problem of his own.
In this prequel variation to Pride and Prejudice, private investigator Alexander Lyons makes his debut and sets his remarkable intellect to work to help Ecclesford win his bride and to solve the mystery of the missing heiress!

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