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The Rabbit's Foot

Clayton Marcia


Edward Snell was curious when Robert Fellwood, the heir to Hartford Manor, requested a meeting. His client was followed by an old man who, though respectably dressed, had something of a vagrant about him. The crisp suit in which he was attired could not disguise his weather-beaten face or his missing teeth.

Robert introduced his Uncle Sam and explained he had come to claim his inheritance. The solicitor was old enough to remember the extensive search for Thomas Fellwood in 1840. However, that was some forty-five years ago, and the young man had never been found. Yet here was Sam, who claimed to be Thomas Fellwood’s son.

The Rabbit’s Foot is an intriguing novel with many twists and turns. Set in the seaside village of Hartford, it tells how an old man, who has spent his life with barely a penny to his name, suddenly finds himself rich beyond his wildest dreams. However, all Sam Fellwood truly wants is to be reunited with his son, Marrok, whom he abandoned at the age of five.

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