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War's Last Dance

Underwood, Julia


Berlin, 1946. The war is over.

But there are still battles to be won before the players can pack up and go home. After five years apart Bill and Isabel are re-united in a devastated Berlin. Struggling to find a place for herself in the war-torn city, Isabel doesn't find it easy to fall back into a family routine with Bill. As they struggle to rediscover their love for each other they encounter unexpected dangers.

Their four-year old daughter is mysteriously abducted, disappearing without a trace. No one knows where she has gone. Or why she has disappeared. Isabel must drawn on hidden strengths and loyalties as she throws herself into a desperate search for her daughter.

Will she manage to bring her family back together before it is too late? Or will Isabel have to build a new life for herself - rising like a phoenix out of the ashes of war?

War's Last Dance is a compelling drama of marriage, family and war. It is perfect for fans of Sebastian Faulks and William Boyd.

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