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A Song of Sixpence

Arnopp, Judith


A wonderful journey through a most precarious and perilous chapter in the very beginnings of Tudor history.'
In the aftermath of the Battle of Bosworth, a small boy is ripped from his rightful place as future king of England. His Sister Elizabeth marries the invading King, Henry Tudor.
Years later when the boy returns to claim is throne, Elizabeth is torn between love for her brother and duty to her husband.
As the final struggle between the houses of York and Lancaster is played out, Elizabeth is torn by conflicting loyalty, terror and unexpected love.
Set at the court of Henry VII, A Song of Sixpence offers a new perspective on the early years of Tudor rule. Elizabeth of York, often viewed as a meek and uninspiring queen, emerges as a resilient woman whose strengths lie in endurance rather than resistance.

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