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A Viking Queen's Legacy

Jonsdottir, Alfreða


The Queen of Dubhlinn is a powerful position for any woman, and Aud, the youngest daughter of Ketill Flat-Nose, readily agrees to marry into this prestigious role. Beautiful, intelligent, competitive, and very ambitious, this young woman has grand plans for the future. Olaf, a charismatic warrior-king, becomes the key to her master plan. In the beginning, the marriage is a passionate union, but the King's infidelities begin to wear thin. Searching for a distraction to shut out her pain, she allows her curiosity to take over and fearlessly delves into learning about Christian principles. Although confident within her own pagan beliefs, her obsession for knowledge and understanding of their ideology soon captivates her. Or is it the young red-haired priest who captivates her? Will this obsession challenge her pagan values?

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