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Alexander the Great: Friends and Foes

McLaughlin, Mary


Alexander of Macedonia was not “the Great” to everyone, but regardless of whether you counted yourself friend, family, or foe, the boy king dominated your world for over a decade. Alexander's story has been told a thousand times – and almost always by those who consider him a hero – or something akin to a god. But although Alexander loomed over the world of the early 4th Century BC, his is not the only story of that age worth telling. Those who followed, fought, served, worshipped, loved, hated, or suffered at the hands of Alexander also all had stories worth telling.

This book is all about their stories – the stories of those who lived in the shadow cast by Alexander the Great. These are tales I came across while doing the research for my Throne of Darius historical military fiction series, whose principal characters, real and imagined, fought AGAINST Alexander. Although they did not fit in the Throne of Darius books, they still stuck with me and inspired me to write short stories. I decided to present them to you as they are generally mostly unknown but interesting and entertaining.

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