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All the Love in the Land, Alice

Lisi, Joan


Los Angeles, 1922
Alice was elated surveying the throng of well-connected friends being welcomed into her exquisite new home. Tonight was the culmination of that tortuous journey of dark secrets from immigrant to celebrated hostess and wife. Next, the beginnings of an opera career would lay before her.
Suddenly on a beautiful Saturday morning when life was full of extravagant plans, her husband was dead.
With extraordinary energy she strove to keep her fortune and to carve out a career. But the harder she worked to attain the status she felt she deserved, the faster her money disappeared. She watched in growing horror as one after the other her desperate schemes failed. Her darkest secret of all, the fear of poverty, drove her to take her life.
Discover this remarkable woman’s journey. This true story told through her letters and other primary documents reveals her extravagant life, indomitable spirit and the demons that drove her to suicide.

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