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All the Silences: The Hope - Book Three

Montcombroux, Genevieve


1944, Paris is liberated. The women, who have struggled to feed their families, while helping the Résistance as much as they could, are still desperate to find food as famine stalks the city. As events come to their climax, they have to cope with losses and betrayals. But they also relish moments of joy and happiness.

Julie is forced to go into hiding to have her baby. There she helps a Résistance group and narrowly escape death. She returns to Paris to continue her resistance work within the réseau. Meinhard causes her great pain until the day she is free of him. When she is caught by the Gestapo, an unexpected revelation stuns her. Her instinct is always to protect life, but after the Paris insurrection begins, her beliefs are challenged when she takes part in an action.

Bernard has to leave Paris after his wife denounces him to the Gestapo. The woman also causes devastation in the Gavroche escape line and the de Montregard family. Solidarity in the Résistance is strong and Bernard’s estranged wife ends up in a concentration camp.

François’ experience in the maquis determines his vocation in medicine.
At this critical time, loyalty on both sides are tested to the extreme.
Yolande’s compassion for child victims takes her to Auschwitz.
Paradoxically, Brigitte finds love with Captain Langen.
The Occupation and the fighting in the shadows changes everyone.

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