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An Age of War and Tea: The rise and fall of Ishida Mitsunari.



An epic tale of intrigue, betrayal and revenge, set in the turbulent era of sixteenth-century Japan. Sakichi is a provincial Samurai boy who reluctantly becomes ensnared in a conspiracy by a Shogun determined to reclaim his power. It is within this developing turmoil that events emerge to forever shape Sakichi's life. With his life now shattered, Sakichi discovers he is adopted, and his biological mother is a ruthless assassin,who is determined to prevent him from discovering the true identity of his father. With such high stakes at play, Sakichi's life is placed in grave danger. Rival factions compete with each other to assassinate him and his mother before he discovers the truth. Should the identity of Sakichi's father become common knowledge it would not only threaten the rule of a powerful war lord but plunge the nation into greater turmoil and bloodshed.

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