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Angels & Patriots (Book 3)

Baker, Salina B.


The Year of the Hangman
They ominously call 1777 The Year of the Hangman because the sevens resemble the grisly gallows. Together, George Washington, the Continental Army, Archangel Colm Bohannon and his brotherhood of fallen angels face a triple threat more perilous and harder to discern than the symbolism of consecutive sevens.
As British General William Howe sweeps toward the nation’s capital of Philadelphia and British General John Burgoyne thunders down the Lake Champlain corridor toward Albany, New York to cutoff New England from the other colonies, God unleashes a dark feculent army to kill the brotherhood of disobedient angels after His legions of demons failed to do so.
Who will be victorious and who will be brought to their knees?

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