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Behind the Darkened Glass: Annihilation

Heil, Rachel


As war rages across Europe, a plan for complete and utter annihilation is put into effect by the SS.

Hans von Peterson has reached his lowest point. His marriage to his wife Charlotte is in shambles and he questions every move he makes in the SS. However, none of this can even prepare Hans for the nightmare that is about to be unleashed upon the people the Third Reich considers undesirables. As more civilians are killed under the orders of the men Hans works for, he is given an opportunity to redeem himself. But, will he have the courage to take it?

With her marriage in tatters, Charlotte von Peterson takes it upon herself to do anything to make sure both she and her children survive the war. Impulsively she resumes her position as one of Heinrich Himmler’s secretaries, entangling her in the politics of the SS. As she comes to question more of what the SS is doing, she sets down a path to learn the terrifying truth.

Helmut Lehmann believes he has found his way back to the top. As Adolf Eichmann’s representative in occupied Poland, he is placed in charge of the growing ghetto system the Nazis are forcing the Jews and others to live in. As the war continues, Helmut become more brutal and becomes willing to do anything to win the prestige he craves.

As the European conflict expands into a full world war, the Nazis wage a campaign of complete destruction on civilians that will accumulate into one of the worst crimes in history.

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