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Behind the Darkened Glass: Secrets and Lies

Heil, Rachel


In a society where people will do anything to achieve their goals, secrets and lies are told to cover up their actions.

In the wake of his fall from grace, Hans von Peterson has pledged to do whatever it takes to win the respect and admiration of his superiors, even if it means keeping secrets and telling lies to the one person who still believes in him; his wife. As Hans finds himself amid the Third Reich’s schemes to take over Europe and start another war, he must decide what is more important—keeping secrets and lies to protect his loved ones or to be truthful and risk the repercussions that follow with such actions?

As her husband struggles with the demands of his position, Charlotte finds herself with more questions than answers. She has never learned the truth of Hans’ fallout with Helmut and finds it still looming over her. When Charlotte begins to unravel what happened that night more questions begin to appear including if she knows who her husband truly is.

Helmut Lehmann has made it his mission to destroy Hans and throws all his strength into a plot that may just bring him the results he craves. But will a misjudgment lead to his downfall or will it open up the door to a new, terrifying beginning?

As war looms over Europe, will Hans and Charlotte be able to remain truthful to each other or will they break under the weight of the secrets and lies they swore to never share?

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