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Behind the Darkened Glass: War Criminals

Heil, Rachel


As the war reaches its bloody conclusion, the time to answer for their crimes has already begun.

Following the assassination of Heydrich, Hans von Peterson has been vying for the position of Chief of the Reich Main Security Office, an opportunity that would make him the second most powerful man in the SS and would give him the chance to end the senseless massacres occurring under the regime. But as his closest associates fall one by one and Hans’ plans fall into disarray, he must make a decision that could prevent him from surviving the war.

Back in the inner circle due to her position as Himmler’s secretary, Charlotte von Peterson plans to take full advantage of the mountains of paperwork and correspondence that comes in and out of Himmler’s office, all bearing incriminating evidence of the war crimes the SS is committing. Yet when she comes across a questionable note in her superior’s calendar, she is pulled into another plot that she may be able to use to her advantage.

Though he has been restored to Berlin and given a powerful position that allows him to make critical decisions concerning the Final Solution Helmut Lehmann wants more. His desire to make Hans pay for what he has done haunts his every move. When his latest attempt fails, Helmut is forced to look beyond Hans and comes across evidence that may just give him the outcome he wishes for.

As the end draws closer the men and women of the SS scramble to put their plans and schemes into action. However, no one is prepared for what the Allies have in store for them.

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