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Evie's Choice

Nixon, Terri


1917. Driving an ambulance through the mud in Flanders, aristocrat Evie Creswell is a long way from home. At Oaklands Manor, all she had been expected to do was look pretty and make a good marriage. But to the horror of her family, Evie does not follow what’s expected of her, and marries artist Will Davies, who works as a butcher’s apprentice.

Yet Evie and Will’s happiness is quickly overshadowed by the arrival of World War One. Will is sent to the trenches in France, and Evie volunteers as an ambulance driver in Belgium, charged with transporting wounded soldiers to hospital. Her once sheltered and privileged world feels like a lifetime away.

But war is not restricted to the battlefields: after a member of her crew is attacked, and Will suddenly withdraws from her with no explanation, Evie must fight to protect and defend those around her. Will Evie and her loved ones make it out unscathed?

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