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Jacob's Mob: Bushrangers

Bessell, C. J.


How did one fateful decision land Aaron Price in New South Wales as an assigned convict?
He and his mate James were best described as petty criminals until they decided to try their hand at breaking and entering. What started as a grab for easy money, ended with them being sentenced to transportation to the colonies for life. Aaron may be lamenting his fate and the fact that he won’t be seeing his sweetheart again, but is he content to serve his sentence?
Aaron knows only too well that bushranging is a hanging offence, and yet he once again allows himself to be persuaded. On the run and eager for revenge, he and his new mates wage terror on their previous master and the other settlers of the Hunter Valley.
However, Aaron isn’t content to just wreak havoc - he’s got an escape plan. If only he could find a way to get himself on board a ship bound for America. The British have no jurisdiction there, and he would be free.

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