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Kitty's War

Nixon, Terri


One event can change your life forever…
1917. After suffering a terrible ordeal as a nurse in Flanders, Kitty Maitland believes she has found a safe and welcoming home at Dark River Farm, Devon. She is finally on the path to recovery… until the arrival of two very different visitors threatens to turn her new world upside down.

When a charming stranger arrives at the farm, Kitty believes they might be just what she needs to push her hopeless love for Scottish army captain Archie Buchanan out of her mind. But she soon discovers he’s not a stranger to everyone, and despite her best efforts, her feelings towards Archie refuse to disappear.

The other newcomer, a young woman with a past linked to the farm, sows seeds of discontent and mistrust, causing a rift in the once harmonious group of friends.

Dark River Farm, previously a place of comfort and an escape from Kitty’s traumatic past, is at risk of becoming a place of fear, suspicion and danger. Can Kitty stand up for what she thinks is right, and return Dark River Farm to the haven it once was?

An emotional and uplifting historical fiction novel about love, courage and community, perfect for fans of A Woman of War, My Name is Eva and Katie Flynn.

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