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Knights of the Air, Book 1, Rage!

Steward, Iain


Action, loyalty, valor, and blood make Stewart’s series kicker in the Knights of the Air series a remarkable historical novel. When Lance Fitch joined the British RFC, he had nothing else but revenge on his mind. As he enters 100 Wing as an elite pilot on his commanding officer Arthur Wolsey’s request, the urge to destroy his enemies becomes stronger than ever. But the aerial war is both bloody and lethal, and to preserve his wing, Lance must learn to stay alive first. A fine blend of fictional and historical characters, with themes drawn from the Arthurian myths, the book displays Stewart’s flair for vivid imagery and his skill at weaving various narrative strands into an ingenious whole...A sharp and effective blend of WWI aviation action and adventure, a hefty dose of emotion and human drama, plus a dash of romance keep the pages flying. Finely written and vividly imagined, this is a complex, gritty novel delving into the brutalities of war. Stewart is an author to watch.BOOKVIEW

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