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Melkorka: the Tjrall Princessa's Saga

Jonsdottir, Alfreða


Melkorka starts off as a precocious young woman known as Princess Mæl Curcaig who plans her escape for the morning with cook’s husband. They set off together, under guard, for Kilcullen Monastery to pick up the beer ordered for the spring fete which was to be celebrated that very evening. Her intent for this venture was to get a sneak preview of a book made by the local monks at this monastery. In the 10th century a hand-made book would have been worth a king’s ransom which only the very wealthy could afford. This piece of art was to be her father’s gift to her and her future husband whom she was to meet that very night at the spring fete - for the very first time! Unfortunately for this young princess she is in the wrong place at the wrong time. A surprise attack by a horde of Vikings hiding out in the early morning mist kidnap her and take her off to Norway to be sold as a slave, known there as a thrall.

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