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No Man's Chattel

Swanson, Lee


In 14th century Europe, a respectable woman was expected to marry at a young age, often to a man she did not love, with the remainder of her days to be spent managing a household and enduring a yearly visit to the birthing chair. Christina Kohl, the sixteen-year-old daughter of a wealthy merchant in Lubeck, Germany, has no allusions her life will be any different. After a series of tragedies befall her family, however, her fate takes a most unexpected turn as she is left to fend for herself in an evolving world of trade and social upheaval where things are not always as they seem, least of all Christina herself.

Amazon Review: Excellent story line told with believable reasons for choosing an unconventional life during the 1400s merchant society.
The roles of men and women are very confining during this time of rigid faith and feudal loyalties. Family loyalty and business ethics will continue into an eagerly anticipated next book. Anita Dehghani

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