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Uncommon Sons

Bishop, Bruce W.


1935. Nova Scotia, Canada. ~ Marc Youssef constantly wrestles with his commitment to his strict Lebanese culture and upbringing. But when you’re a thirty-four-year-old bachelor — and you are secretly attracted to other men — deception at home and at work simmers daily and threatens to boil over.
After two guests are found dead in the tony railway hotel in Halifax where Marc works, his job is compromised, and his personal life is vulnerable to exposure. One of the suspects in the possible murder investigation just happens to be Marc’s clandestine and married love interest.
Journalist Eva McMaster, Marc’s best friend, is determined to help him find out what really happened. The two become unlikely sleuths in this bizarre incident that becomes the talk of the east coast city.
Uncommon Sons is a fascinating tale of sexual identity, systemic racism, familial obligations, workplace pressures, and the bonds of love and friendship prior to World War II. ("Global Storytelling" series)

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