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WILD FIELD: An 11th Century Love Story

Stonborough, Johnny


"Behold the Wild Field, where the sky neither ends nor the earth begins, where a million flowers bloom and riders steer by heaven’s unweary stars.’ Gytha is 13 when her father King Harold, dies at the Battle of Hastings (1066). Her adored mother Edith is lost to her. She and her brothers go on the run. In this untold tale of love and evil, Gytha flees to Exeter, where she is betrothed to a painted Celtic prince. She escapes from him to Denmark. But with no dowry, no parents, and no country to call home, she is bartered to a bride-trader and taken to the farthest edge of Christendom to wed Vladimir, a prince of Rus, only to find he is promised to another girl. Plucked from the mosaic of English history, this book honors Gytha's triumph. You will love Gytha, Pig-Boy, and the scented Swetesot, fear and admire the handsome river prince Vladimir; hate those with dark hearts, Oleg and the Cold Trader who wish harm to Gytha in the Wild Field. Its a magical Audiobook too!

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