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A Divided Inheritance

Swift, Deborah


Genteel Englishwoman Elspet Leviston has always managed her father's lace business and expects to continue in his footsteps. So when her hot-headed cousin Zachary Deane appears from nowhere, his arrival in her life is like an earthquake.

Zachary has no love at all for Leviston's Lace, and when her father dies unexpectedly, Elspet is horrified to find her inheritance is tied to her cousin's and her house belongs to him. But by now, Zachary has gone on a Grand Tour, and he is in Spain. Determined to regain her rightful inheritance, she must leave her beloved England and go to Seville in search of him.

Zachary is in training at the sword school of the charismatic Senor Alvarez, and here, in the searing heat and dust of Spain, Elspet's real journey begins. A journey that throws her into one of the most turbulent moments of Spain's history, and leads her to question everything she has ever known about her country, her faith and herself.

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