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A Lady in Irons

Powter, Sara


England 1800s - Parramatta 1808+
Katy is mourning the death of her husband after he dies in a shooting accident. Barely coping, she awaits the birth of their child. If it’s a girl, she must hand the family home to her husband’s brother. The day after giving birth to a daughter, she and her daughter are left on the side of a road. She collapses and is found by someone she thought had died in a fire ten years before. Perry, badly scarred himself, nurses her back to health. They marry and move in with her widowed friend, Mary.
After some years, she discovers her husband and friend in each other’s arms. Now living in a love triangle, she flees. Grasping the only straw available, she intentionally gets arrested and is sent to a colony far away. By doing this, her marriage can be annulled.
What happens in the Colony is different from what she expects. Governor Macquarie comes to her rescue.
But what of Perry and her children?

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