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An Unexpected Treasure

Martin, Celia


Lady Rotherby is determined to train Lady Selena to be the lady Selena's mother wants her to be. Because Selena loves her mother, she has promised she will do her best, but that was before she met Calder Grantham, neighboring yeoman, and the most handsome man Selena has ever seen. After a few meetings with Calder, Selena determines she will marry him, and be a farmer's wife. That lifestyle suits her better than the lifestyle her mother wants for her. Several obstacles stand in her way. She must win Calder's love. And she must convince her parents that her station in life should not prevent her from marrying the man she loves.

Endorsement by Lilly Adam, Author of The Victorian Saga Romance Series -- "Martin's brilliant flair for character building brings to life a multitude of engaging personalities which are entwined throughout the story, making for an absolute gem of a historical period romance."

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