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And the Ground Trembled

Martin, Celia


Lady Elizabeth D'Arcy has traveled to London with her Aunt Phillida in hope of finding love and adventure. She finds both when she intervenes, with the help of William Hayward, to help Annis Blanchard escape the clutches of the villainous Lord Creighton, so Annis can be with the man she loves, Sir Jeremy Dnavers. With each passing day, Elizabeth finds herself falling more in love with Hayward, as he helps her navigate the intricacies of court life. But is he truly in love with her, or is he a fortune hunter after her large dowry? As they escape from one frightful adventure after another, thanks to the help of an array of delightful characters, Elizabeth faces another hurdle. Will her father the Earl of Tyneford allow her to marry a commoner.

Endorsement by Vonda Sinclair - USA Today Bestselling Author --- Celia Marin is an engaging storyteller. "I loved And the Ground Trembled. It is beautifully written, entertaining, and a lot of fun."

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