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Cold Blows the Wind

Meyrick, Catherine


Hobart Town 1878—a vibrant town drawing people from every corner of the earth where, with confidence and a flair for storytelling, a person can be whoever he or she wants. Almost.
Ellen Thompson is young, vivacious and unmarried, with a six-month-old baby. Despite her fierce attachment to her family, unashamed of their convict origins, Ellen dreams of marriage and disappearing into the ranks of the respectable. Then she meets Harry Woods.
Harry, newly arrived in Hobart Town, has come to help his aging father who for more than twenty years has guided climbers on Mt Wellington. Harry sees in Ellen a chance to remake his life.
But, when the past collides with Ellen’s dreams, she is forced to confront everything in life a woman fears most.
Based on fact, this is not a romance but it is a story of love—a mother’s love for her children, a woman’s love for her family and, those most troublesome loves of all, for the men in her life. It is a story of the enduring strength of the human spirit.

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