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Conflict on Kangaroo Island

Crabbe, Stephen


1913. War is coming, and the island is riven by greed, malice, politics and cold-heartedness. Despite people’s sneers, one young woman takes a stand.

Pansy has always been an outsider, the butt of ridicule. But she sides with the misunderstood and downtrodden, grapples with bullies and bigots.

A daring position when dealing with businessmen who stop at nothing to get rich by exploiting a special indigenous plant … with political clashes over whether to export or preserve natural resources … with innocents suffering at the hands of heartless authorities … and with the approach of war.

As violence grows in the community, Pansy chooses to delve into the dark secrets of the Dodd family—a mystery entangled in the murky past of the island.

Can she handle all that as well as her own inner struggle?

This engrossing tale wraps fascinating characters and verifiable historical fact in the unique natural beauty of Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

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