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Dancing to Her Own Tune

Powter, Sara & Hunter, Sheila


With deeply scarred hearts Annie and Sam need answers
Annie White, freed after serving her seven years as a convict in Sydney, gets a visitor who will change her life. She starts a baking business, and just as it’s making a profit, she’s then asked to assist another freed convict, named Sam Corbett. Annie nurses him back to health, they marry and they settle into a life together. Sam has his own past laid bare. They both must face their accusers, and they find that the answers to their questions are not what they thought.Their life experiences seem to cling tightly to them both, unable to shake it; finally, they end up back in England, facing their ghosts and discover they are not whom they think they are. How can they turn their anger and spite into love and forgiveness? The Dance of Life goes on.

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