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Down on the Corner of Love

Cathcart, Sharon E.


To find love...

...she needs to meet someone who understands her.

Being a civil rights activist isn't easy in rural Louisiana. Raine's found herself ostracized and alone because she's a woman who speaks her mind.

Fed up, she leaves her country world behind for beautiful San Francisco, where the culture is thriving with exciting new music and fashion.

These are her people.

Raine meets a new best friend, Jo, who is free-spirited and living life to the fullest, but Jo's entangled in more danger than Raine's ready for.

Raine’s world turns upside down when she meets the most far out man she's ever encountered.

Readers who love history, flower power, and the wild times of the 1960s will be wowed by "Down on the Corner of Love."

This edition of Pocketful of Stories also contains a sample from Sharon E. Cathcart’s award-winning novel, “Bayou Fire.”

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