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Faith on the Mall

Beltran, Ann


"Step back in time to this full-blooded, deep-spirited American saga"
Before the Civil War, three siblings raised at the Lockhouse on the National Mall must rebound from tragedy. As the characters transform, so does the Mall with the arrival of the Washington Monument and the Smithsonian - and then the Union Army. This 15-year family saga of emerging feminist, businessman, and naturalist immerses you in the real lives of Senators and prostitutes, gay and straight national figures, explorers and Civil War boy soldiers. Truly a tale of Americana that shapes our lives today.
“... a stunning tapestry about the National Mall, 1848-1863. Dramatic changes affect the infrastructure, politics, legislation and social mores ... Engaging and thoughtful!” — Lynn F.
“This is perhaps Beltran's best novel so far - the details ... are meticulously researched and artfully described. I truly felt like I entered that world each time I escaped into the story.” — Catherine Bradshaw

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