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Fate Takes A Hand

Martin, Celia


Amaryllis Bowdon has spirited her young siblings, two-year-old Sir Charles and six-year-old Tabitha, away from their home because she believes their aunt is attempting to kill the young baronet so her own son can become the baronet. In their fearful flight, Amaryllis never expected to be befriended by Lady Selena D'Arcy and her too handsome brother Reginald. Reginald is charged with escorting his sister to their uncle's manor in Leicester so their aunt can turn Selena into a true lady. Reginald doubts such a feat can be accomplished, but despite all Selena might do to slow their progress, which included rescuing an injured dog she names, Fate, Reginald is determined to get Selena to Whimbrel Manor. But when Selena is equally determined to help Amaryllis and her siblings, Reginald is only too happy to readjust his plans. Amaryllis is and angel, and do they have to go out of the way to get Sir Charles to safety, then so be it.

Endorsed by Kristen Morgan - Author of 'Behind The Glass'

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