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From the Drop of Heaven

Godot, Juliette


It’s 1582. Banned books in tow, Martin, an accused seditionist, narrowly escapes the pyre and finds safety with Nicolas’s family. When Nicolas and his love, Catherine, are caught with the books, all three of them are plunged into a fight for their lives. Based on the author’s family tree, FROM THE DROP OF HEAVEN, by Juliette Godot (Sunbury Press, August 2022)


DK Marley, historical fiction author of Blood and Ink and CEO of the Historical Fiction Club: “For lovers of rich, immersive history wrapped in a captivating and heartbreaking story, this book grabs hold from the very beginning and refuses to release until the very last word. Juliette Godot is a master storyteller, taking her own astounding family history and offering the reader a beautifully crafted tale worthy of ten stars!"

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