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Gift of Gold

Maroney, Amy


It is 1455.
Enter the dangerous, dazzling Renaissance-era world of the Pyrenees mountains.

Kings and nobles, powerful merchants, wealthy monasteries…all are fighting for control of the valuable merino wool trade.

Meanwhile, the men and women of the high country struggle to maintain their freedom, defend their villages from wolves and bears, and survive the ruthless blizzards of the wilderness.

In these three tales inspired by the Miramonde Series, you’ll meet:

CARLO: An Aragónese boy is born into great wealth and power. What if he doesn’t want it?

BEATRICE: A young nun takes the helm of an ancient Pyrenees mountain abbey—but can she revive it before winter strikes?

ELENA: A healer and midwife invites a friend to help her gather plants in a remote mountain meadow. Ambushed by hunters from a baron's castle, she makes a terrifying choice in order to keep her friend alive…

The Miramonde Series stories will transport you to a forgotten world, five hundred years in the past.

Inhabited by beloved characters from Amy Maroney’s Amazon bestselling book The Girl from Oto (book 1, the Miramonde Series), these tales are packed with history, intrigue, and adventure.

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