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Hands upon the Anvil

Powter, Sara


Hands upon the Anvil
A blacksmith’s life and love are more than work
Parramatta 1830s
Eddie Lockley’s parents were transported for their crimes. Can a steadfast lad rise above his origins and guide others to succeed in a land of opportunity?
Ten-year-old Eddie longs to help his mum and dad. Living in a convict town with his family, the keen youngster has been working with the local blacksmith since his sixth birthday. But when a lieutenant doesn’t stop abusing his older brother, the young boy yearns for the day when he can stand up and end the torment. Though he’s thrilled when his mentor offers to send him off to learn his letters, Eddie fears he won’t be around to watch his sibling’s back. But as he takes on the biggest adventure of his life, the brave believer soon discovers God is looking out for everyone he loves. Does this young man in the making have what it takes to change everything for the better?

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