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Hands Upon the Anvil

Powter, Sara


A love story, in more ways than one
Eddie’s story

Parramatta in the 1830s is a small town where convicts and ruffians abound. But for those who are willing to work for it, there are opportunities around every corner. The Lockley family are determined to embrace every one of them.
Charles Lockley quickly becomes a trusted member of the community. After helping quell a mutiny on the long journey from England, he is granted a Ticket of Leave and becomes the Government Stores Keeper in Parramatta whilst also running an Inn with his wife, Sal.
As their families future and their faith, is intertwined with their new homeland where the class system of old is almost non-existent, their second son Eddie, a hard working blacksmith and will become the unassuming hero.
How does Eddie cope with the change in his life’s direction?

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