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Lady of the Highway

Swift, Deborah


England 1651.

The English Civil War is over, but the wounds of the conflict are still raw. Young Lady Katherine Fanshawe is determined to save her inheritance from the grasping hands of Cromwell, and build a brighter future for herself. Although Kate knows it is dangerous, she invites her rebel friends to live and work at Markyate Manor. But her plans are blown apart when, after months of hard work, her controlling stepfather returns unexpectedly, and evicts them all.

Kate’s friends are bitter and turn against her, accusing her of being cursed, a bringer of misfortune. Desperate to regain their sympathy and trust, she turns to highway robbery to pay them back. But Kate is not the only highway thief on the road, and her rival is intent on bloodshed and murder. Soon the local constable is hot on her trail for crimes she did not commit.

Just when Kate thinks things can’t get worse, another secret from within begins to reveal itself – a secret that threatens her very life. In this struggle against her loveless family, militant authorities and an unforgiving winter, will Lady Katherine’s birthright turn out to be a blessing… or a curse?

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