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Lost Saints

Bell, Elizabeth


From the walled gardens of Charleston to the vast prairies of the American West, the saga of the Lazare family continues in this novel selected as an Editors' Choice by the Historical Novel Society.
Charleston, South Carolina, 1840s. Unable to marry, Catholic priest Joseph Lazare and his soulmate Tessa Stratford risk a dangerous love affair, betting their lives on the ignorance of her husband and betting their souls on the forgiveness of God.
Young David Lazare, Joseph’s orphaned nephew and Tessa’s ward, struggles to make a life in Charleston. But David is haunted by secrets he’s determined to keep, above all a terrible choice he made as a ten-year-old boy on the Oregon Trail.
None of them realizes that two thousand miles away, a lost Lazare has found a new family in the rapidly changing American West. He wants only to be Cheyenne, but as white emigrants and soldiers threaten the people he loves, his blond hair becomes a question he must answer—or die trying.
Will the truth unite the Lazares—or destroy them?

For fans of THE THORN BIRDS and Sara Donati, LOST SAINTS is the second book in the sweeping Lazare Family Saga that transports readers from the West Indies to the Wild West, from Charleston, Paris, and Rome into the depths of the human heart. The series begins with Book 1, NECESSARY SINS.

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