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Love on the Mall



"Lose yourself in a love story set in America’s front yard"
Meet Estela the anthropologist, a flirty young woman moving into the Roaring 20’s, and Nikos, an architect, vulnerable and struggling to put the Great War and Spanish flu behind him. Soulmates? Perhaps. Yet for twenty years their romance never leaves the National Mall. What keeps them apart lies within. Enter their time/ space bubble where they negotiate tipping points and choose to change – or not. Only time will tell if a real place exists for them to be together.
"A stunning historical romance from start to finish, Love on the Mall is one book you need to read. If historical romance is your reading jam, pick up Love on the Mall. Highly recommend!" N.N.Light 5-star review
“Love on the Mall weaves romance into 20 years of the history of the National Mall...The lovers’ episodic encounters entwine the construction of the monumental core of the Mall. Its history is their stage." LeeAnn Cafferata, Mall Historian

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