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Madame Fiocca

Henderson, Suzy


A gripping tale of love and espionage in Occupied France, based on true events. Perfect for fans of Kate Quinn's "The Alice Network", Sebastian Faulk's "Charlotte Gray", and Imogen Kealey's "Liberation"."What an incredible story that becomes almost more unbelievable when you realize that this is based on the true account of Nancy Wake, a reporter for the Hearst Newspaper Group. The author has done a fabulous amount of research to bring this history alive." 5 Stars (NetGalley Reviewer)"Based on a true story, the words flow smoothly off the page and grabbed my interest right from the beginning." 5 Stars (NetGalley Reviewer)February 1933: When her aunt gifts her two hundred pounds, twenty-year-old Nancy Wake embarks on a world cruise. Afterwards, she becomes a journalist and finds work in Paris. The city is glamorous, brimming with journalists, artists, and refugees.While travelling across Europe on assignments, she catches the eye of wealthy industrialist Henri Fiocca, and destiny intervenes.But as clouds of war swarm over Europe, German troops are on the march. Horrified when she witnesses Nazis whipping Jews on Vienna’s streets, Nancy vows to stop them if she ever has the chance.When Paris falls, an encounter with a British officer draws her into the heart of an escape network. Soon she is caught in a deadly game of espionage.As the iron fist of the enemy tightens, Nancy and Henri face a heart-breaking decision.What happens when doing right is the road to ruin?A must-read gripping adventure based on the true story of Nancy Wake, "The White Mouse" & Gestapo’s most wanted in World War Two France."There have been a lot of books written about this era, but I found Nancy's story particularly inspiring as a beacon of courage in the terrible times of the Nazi Occupation." 5 Stars (Goodreads reviewer)."A highly recommended read for lovers of WWII history." (Goodreads Reviewer)

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