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My Australian Adventure

Bauer, Rob


We love to cheer the underdog. It’s why this story of homeless orphan Clarence Duval will warm your heart and touch your conscience. It’s based on a true story.
Nebraska, 1888. Clarence, age 12, just lost his acting job, stranding him in Omaha. Then he gets an incredible opportunity: the chance to travel the world with a new group of entertainers.
Clarence’s adventures take him west across America, then to Hawaii and Australia. He’ll explore underground San Francisco, meet royalty, and travel halfway around the world. Throughout his journey, however, Clarence faces one of the most relentless villains in all American history: many of his companions hate him because he’s an African American.
Join Clarence on his search for the belonging, acceptance, and dignity that all of us want and deserve. He’s not a traditional hero. Clarence is a hero who real people who have faced bullying or discrimination can relate to. His adventures will have you cheering for him even as you question why people torment children.
This book is suitable for both adult and young adult readers.

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