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Oaths of Affection

Ronneus, Maria Yrsa


"Your mother was a whore!"

After her parents' tragic accident; the spirited, principled, and romantic Lady Marigold is plunged into a bleak existence at the hands of her vindictive aunt. Inexplicably, her aunt and uncle seem to oppose any marriage match. Is she doomed to remain her beautiful cousin's companion? And what exactly is up with her uncle's shady, overly familiar lawyer?

The attentions of the gallant Major Arthur Hastings present a ray of hope; rousing her love and desire. Before long Lady Marigold is persuaded that he is the man of her dreams. But as the major is due to leave for India, she dares not trust that his intentions are serious. It will take all of Lady Marigold's courage and wit to challenge convention for the right to choose her own future before there can be a happy ending; fulfilling their oaths of affection.

Set in the gloomy year of 1816, this vivid drama of challenge and change, blends political satire with philosophy and romance, narrated with humour and

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