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Orient of Adoration

Ronneus, Maria Yrsa


"I have nothing, except my looks. I do not wish to be merely a man's pretty possession; but unmarried and unskilled, I am nothing. I need change."

Miss Millicent Barbian has lost everything. To acheive any sliver of happiness, she must change, not only how others perceive her, but also how she sees herself.

When her cousin asks her to go out to India as her companion, Millicent is happy to accept. But instead of a new beginning, she finds that the man she once jilted now despises her; and her father's ill repute soon catches up with her.

"'An offering to Venus. G.' That was all the inscription said. But who was it from, Gabriel or Girish?"

Torn between two handsome beaus, will the new horizons and perspectives liberate Millicent from her emotional restraints and help her choose between them?

And is there really a spy at large in their midst?

Orient of Adoration is the second part of Swedish author Maria Yrsa Rönneus' Regency Tales, in which we get to follow the further adventure

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