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Our Eternal Souls

Jonas, P. L.


Millions of years ago, Xenia and Yonan, a telepathic part-alien/part-human couple, happily married for four hundred years, planned to live together forever until they must face unexpected death . . . in three moons. Worried their reincarnated selves won’t find each other in future lives, the couple attempts time travel to ensure their future selves fall in love and live long human lives together. Journeying to prehistoric France, ancient Egypt, Tudor England, 19th century Iowa, and the present day, they make mistakes along the way while learning about the future human world —while pending doom looms closer.

“This is the most interesting read I’ve worked on in forever.” – From the Publisher
"A unique twist on time travel romance . . . Jonas captures the intrigue and beauty of the past and blends it with the hope of two people not yet ready to give up on their love for each other." -GoodReads reader
“Held my interest from the first chapter!" - P.M.

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