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Parlor Games

Biaggio, Maryka


The Pinkertons branded her a crafty blackmailer, but to her Dutch Baron husband she was the most glamorous woman to grace Europe’s shores. Was the real May Dugas a cold-hearted enchantress, an able provider for her poor family, or a free-spirited globe-trotter? PARLOR GAMES is based on the true story of the woman who made headlines not only in her Michigan hometown, but also in New York and London.

One of “12 Marvelous Novels about the Early 20th Century." ~ Wiki.Ezvid

“PARLOR GAMES is a captivating tale narrated by the irresistible and deliciously unreliable con-woman May Dugas. Her escapades, which span the Gilded Age right through the turn of the century, immediately transport the reader to a bygone era. It’s a wildly entertaining and constantly surprising ride.” ~ Daisy Goodwin, New York Times bestselling author of AMERICAN HEIRESS

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