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Past Encounters

Swift, Deborah


1945, Carnforth, England

Young sweethearts Rhoda and Peter were torn apart by the outbreak of the Second World War. Though engaged to be married, their plans were interrupted when Peter enlisted, only to be captured by the German army and interred in a prisoner-of-war camp.

Left at home and with only sporadic news from Peter, Rhoda has spent years apart from her fiancé, with no guarantees that he will return home.

When a film crew arrives to capture the iconic scenes for David Lean’s Brief Encounter, Rhoda finds herself caught up in a love affair of her own…

Ten years later, Rhoda and Peter are married, but their relationship is hanging by a thread.

What secrets have they hidden from each other over the years? How did Peter manage to survive the brutal war years? And did Rhoda ever get over the man who captured her heart…?

As they both reflect on their past encounters they have to decide if they can ever rebuild a relationship which was shattered by the war…

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