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Arnopp, Judith


When Ælfgar of Mercia falls foul of the king and is exiled, his daughter Eadgyth’s life is changed forever. Sold into a disastrous marriage with Gruffydd ap Llewellyn, King of the Welsh, a man old enough to be her grandfather, Eadgyth ultimately finds herself accused of fornication, incest and treason. Alone in a foreign land, her life is forfeit until a surprise night attack destroys Gruffydd's palace, and Eadgyth is taken prisoner by Earl Harold of Wessex.
At the Saxon court she infiltrates the sticky intrigues of the Godwin family, and on the eve of his accession to the English throne, she agrees to marry Harold Godwinson. As William the Bastard assembles his fleet in the south, and Harald Hardrada prepares to invade from the North, their future is threatened, and the portentous date of October 14th 1066 looms.
Eadgyth’s tale of betrayal, passion and war highlights the plight of women, tossed in the tumultuous sea of feuding Anglo Saxon Britain.

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