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Perfidious Brambles

Martin, Celia


Lady Timandra Lotterby has traveled with her dear friend Eliza Tilbury and Eliza's siblings to Eliza's great uncle's estate in the wilds of Northumberland. Timandra accompanies her friend to lend support after the death of Eliza's father. Their inauspicious arrival as the sun is setting has them all on edge as they stare in wonder at the rambling Perfidious Brambles. Great Uncle Percival Seldon seems to be a fearful curmudgeon, but under the influence of Timandra and Seldon's grandson, Gavin Merritt, he mellows. But ghosts and murder attempts are threatening the peace. As Timandra tries to solve the mysteries, she finds herself falling in love with Gavin. But can she win his love, or has he given his heart to Eliza.

Endorsement by Riana Everly, Recipient of two Jane Austen Readers Awards --- "Perfidious Brambles is a delight. In deft and nimble strokes, Martin has created an entire world for us to revel in, rich in history and detail.

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